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Mar 23, 2013 10:00pm PDT
sign has been removed as a precaution. >>> the new pope francis and the retired pope benedict had lunch together today. it's the first time the two have met since francis became the leader of the catholic church. >> reporter: with his arms outstretched, pope francis greeted his predecessor with a hug at the papal retreat. the two prayed together. benedict asked francis to use the kneeler, but francis insisted they spray side by side, saying "we are brothers. " >> reporter: he gave him the madonna of humility. then they spoke private for nearly an hour before having lunch. francis thanked benedict for his ministry, and benedict offered his allegiance to the new pope. many gathered in the central square hoping to catch a glimpse. but neither pope appeared at the balcony. >> reporter: this man says "we hoped for it, but it was okay anyway. it was a private meeting." since his election, the former archbishop has won over many with his gentleness and emphasis on helng the poor. >> the stories we are from argentina are not so good. so we don't know what to think about. >> reporter: he will re
Mar 17, 2013 10:00pm PDT
in the minimum wage. >>> well pope francis stamped his personal touch on the first sunday blessing. 300,000 people showed up for today's address from his balcony over st. peters square. cbs reporter explains how they came face to face with the church members. he told the estimated gathered below that it will be nice for them and to be gone on sunday at the square. and his comments drew the laughter and applause, especially when offering up several languages where he gave the traditional italian wish. >> reporter: have a good sunday and enjoy lunch. only a few minutes earlier francis was plunging into the crowd that gathered outside his parish church at the edge of the vatican territory where he set mass. the break from protocol seemed to catch his security men off balance and unsure of what to do. whatever francis does to reform the vatican won't be known for a while. and the heads of the department who automatically lost their job between popes have been reinstated on the understanding that for some it will be temporary. and taking on the faithful in the curious, it was a trial run for
Mar 18, 2013 10:00pm PDT
for the pope francis, it is the inaugural mass underway right now at the vatican. security will be preparing for the hundreds of thousands that are expected to cram st. peters square and the surrounding streets tomorrow. the vice president joe bidden is among the world leaders attending the mass as he'll be leading the u.s. delegation. >>> if we can't get on, then i'll just need to wait for the next train, i guess. >> bart's grand experiment will be underway as we check in on day one of bikes on board. >>> i love it. it changed my life really. >> but apparently it has not changed many lives. why a ferry route that is not drawing many passengers that might get expanded service. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and that includes the commu hours. we sent k-p-i-x 5's christin ayers to find out w the first day of the pilot program went. ((pkg)) natsot christian vazquez is waitin bring his bicycle on board >>> it kind of depends on who you ask as this is the first time that bart has ever tried it, forcing bicyclists and other riders to commute together in harmony and already the complaints are pouring on in. they a
Mar 19, 2013 10:00pm PDT
the poor and the environment, pope pope francis was installed as the pope of the church. 150 cardinals and 200,000 catholics. the pope rode around st. peter's square for almost an hour before the mass began. he stopped to kiss babies and ordered the pope mobile to pull over so he could bless a man who couldn't walk. meanwhile, the pakistani girl shot in the head by the taliban returned to school in england. the 15-year-old has been receiving medical treatment in the uk. she was shot last october because of her support for girls education. today the girl said wearing a school uniform again makes her very happy. >>> coming up, another campus massacre avoided by a quick- thinking student. the frightening confrontation that likely saved a lot of lives. >> a mainstay of military weaponly sidelined after a deadly accident. what happened during a training exercise at a remote nevada base. >> we are helping facilitate what is in the economy. >> and the trickle up economics that is fueling the bay area recovery. how small businesses are building the boom one job at a time. >>> with the smirk
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4